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Corporate Team Building  Quick Guide

Personality Assessments  


Unlocking your team’s problem solving potential through FourSight.

Discovering your natural preferences and type through Myers-Briggs



A certified facilitator will help your team uncover what happened, what they learned and how they can use this experience to help them in the future. 

Professional Facilitation


3600 Escape has partnered with Innovate Faster to provide your team with the best and brightest facilitators around. They will help you make the most  out  of these team building exercises. Meet the 

Innovate Faster Facilitators

"You have to learn the rules of the game. 

And then you have to play better than anyone else."


~Albert Einstein~ 

Corporate Team Building

Communication, teamwork and collaboration. 


These are all key elements that contribute to a successful team. 3600 Escape combines the science of play, learning and creativity to bring your company or group a cutting edge experience that will accelerate learning and enhance teamwork. 


3600 Escape can provide assessments that focus on problem solving/innovation preferences or personality styles as well as leadership training or a customized experience.


Whether you're looking to gain perspective on an individual or team or just need a fun activity, 3600 Escape is your go-to place.


We provide real-life problem solving scenarios as well as professionally facilitated debriefs, team building and evaluations.

We help you create an experience that your team will be talking for a long time. 


Discover your team's strengths and learn to leverage these traits to accelerate your success in the workplace. It all starts at 3600.

Corporate Team
Building Packages

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Escape the Meeting Box
Just For Fun

3600 Escape Portable  Experiences


45 minutes - 1 Hour

The Debrief

Escape Room Experience and Debrief

1 hour 15 Minutes


Tresure Chest.PNG
Custom Package

Want us to build an experience that  teaches a product, service, etc.?

 Specifically for your Team?

Time TBD





Ask us why


Includes the Escape Room Experience, The Debrief, the FourSight personality assessment and problem solving session for the teams.

4 Hours


Includes the Escape Room Experience, The Debrief, the Myers-Briggs personality assessment for each team member, and collaborative session for the team


4 Hours


Cross Generational Differences

Includes the Escape Room Experience, The Debrief, and discussion on the benefits and challenges when working with a wide variety of age groups


3 Hours and 30 Minutes


*Group size can be as small as 10 or as large as 100. Larger groups can be accommodated with one month's notice.  All package time ranges listed above are estimates only and are subject to change based on each individual booking*

3600 Escape in Partnership with Innovate Faster bring you
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Eric enviro portrait .jpg

Erica Swiatek, M.S.


Erica blends her expertise in the fields of innovation, learning and playfulness to create accelerated activities, courses and programs. These courses give individuals and teams the tools and skills that transform their meetings, problem solving skills and teamwork.

She has several years of experience working with large call centers and health insurance companies. She has helped companies revamp systems, programs and processes to be more efficient and effective, including revamping a new hire program and reducing the learning curve from six months to six weeks. Her work in learning and development has also led to publishing an article on how playfulness impacts learning in the Big Questions of Creativity book.

Erica won the Mary Murdock Creative Spirit award for inspiring and nurturing the creative spirit in others. Her passion for this has extended into the community where she has developed programs for at risk youth that teach professional and problem solving skills.

Erica graduated from SUNY Buffalo State with a Master’s of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership. Her passion for the program led to becoming an adjunct faculty at the school where she teaches Creative Problem Solving classes at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Her certifications include: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, FourSight and DiSC.

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team building exercises professionl, Ismet Mamnoon
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Ismet Mamnoon, M.S.


Ismet Mamnoon is a graduate from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College. Ismet is also a certified as facilitator for Polarities, FourSight and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  As a facilitator, Ismet believes in empowering clients with the ability to use Creative thinking in order to help them use their own expertise to address challenges within their field of work, and their personal lives. 

Ismet is was one of the founders and directors of the Beyonder Academy which launched the first ever creativity program for local and international, middle and high school students at Buffalo State College.  The Beyonder Academy also provides training for educators and parents across the world. 

As a self-professed “Parentologist” who has been writing about parenting for over 36 year she was invited to speak about parenting at a TEDx Buffalo Women’s event and her talk is featured on Currently Ismet serves as a facilitator at Knowinnovation for promoting team science with academics from all over the world. She is also a trainer and facilitator for Innovation and Creativity at Innovation Bound where she designs and delivers training for corporate clients.

Ismet has authored books, a Parenting tool kit and created card decks related to her work in the field of creativity.  She has received the Firestien Family Creative Achievement award, the President’s Medal for Outstanding Graduate Student at Buffalo State and the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for her work in creativity. 

team building exercises professionl, Beth Slazak

Beth Slazak, M.S.


Beth Salzak is a Master of Creativity, literally she is graduate of the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State College.  Beth mixes her skills in improv, instructional design and facilitation to make dynamic and fun learning experiences.  

Beth enjoys sharing the tools and techniques of creative thinking and problem solving worldwide.  She has presented at the Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor, MindCamp, CREA, Creative Expert Exchange, Florida Creativity Weekend, and Creative Problem Solving Institute.  Beth is so committed to sharing these skills and tools that she also helps with the planning on logistics of some of these conferences.

Beth has been involved in the education and training world for almost two decades.   Beth is an adjunct faculty at multiple colleges such as Genesee Community College and Buffalo State.  Her favorite projects with her students involve their celebrations of World Creativity and Innovation Week, and their invention prototype displays.  She is also very proud of the Inspire program she helped to create which helps incoming at risk freshman to learn and apply creativity skills to succeed in college.

In addition to her Master’s degree Beth holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Buffalo in History and Dance and a Social Studies Certification in Education from Buffalo State College. She is also certified as a FourSight facilitator.

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team building exercises professionl, Michaelene Dawson-Globus
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Michaelene Dawson-Globus, M.S.


Michaelene Dawson-Globus MS is a passionate and engaging instructor, facilitator and consultant. She has a Master of Science degree in Creative Studies and Change Leadership. Michaelene is an adjunct faculty for the International Center for Studies in Creativity and the Educational Opportunities Program (EOP) at SUNY Buffalo State College. Her work with the EOP department includes designing and delivering the Inspire program. Inspire assists at risk freshman to utilize creative problem solving skills to succeed in college. Michaelene’s desire to help ignite creativity in her community led her to work with at risk youth again teaching them creative problem solving as well as customer service and job readiness skills such as computer skills and resume writing and interviewing skills. She is also a social justice facilitator for The National Federation for Just Communities of Western NY. Michaelene also leads corporate workshops, training classes and facilitations on a variety of topics including: professional development, creative teaching and learning, creative problem solving, change leadership, diversity and social empowerment. She is certified in the FourSight assessment which she uses to help individuals and teams learn to use their preferences and strengths in the problem solving process. She recently published her first book, My Sandwich is a Spaceship: Creative Thinking for Parents and Young Children. Michaelene lives in Western NY with her husband Chris and her 8 year old Adventure Buddy, Sam.  

team building exercises professionl, Michaelene Dawson-Globus

Najja Bouldin, M.S.


Najja is a graduate from the International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo State.  He even received the Firestien Family Creative Achievement award while he was studying.  Najja has a creativity-consulting firm Phoenix Innovation Group.  As a certified facilitator, performance coach and lecturer, Najja bridges the gap between imagination and creativity to assist his clients with developing the best options.  As he believes “in these options we find freedom.”  Along with coaching he delivers awe-inspiring motivational speeches at retreats, Colleges and Universities, international organizations, community based agencies, schools, and churches.  He has worked with the Mayor Summer Youth Program, SUNY Buffalo State Upward Bound, Dr. Firestien, Dr. Puccio, and the School of Professions at SUNY Buffalo State to name a few.  Najja is also  an adjunct lecturer for two departments at SUNY Buffalo State, where he designs, delivers and adds diversity into the classroom.  He’s a dedicated Veteran and served as an Airman in the United States Air Force.   In his spare time, Najja likes to travel internationally, journal writing, exercising, reading and cooking.  His travels have taken him to Hawaii, Nassau, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and various cities across the United States.  His greatest passion and inspiration for integrity, service and excellence is being a father to his marvelous son, Najja Akeem.

Professional Facilitators

Corporate Teams

3600 Escape and Innovate Faster want to sincerely thank the entire team from Akron School Systems for trusting us with your corporate team building needs

Corporate Packages

Contact us today to schedule your next corporate team building event.

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